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Tel: (202) 829-9767   E-Mail: Fax: (202) 723-1307
We Have Moved to Our New Location!
502 Kennedy Street N.W.

Washington, DC  20011

Since our inception some twenty years ago, The Austin Royster Funeral Home has provided Professional Service with Compassionate Care to thousands of families in and around the Washington metropolitan area.  Our service offerings span the spectrum of the diverse community of the Nation's Capitol and we are known to provide reverent, dignified and compassionate service to residents of all incomes, races and genders.  As Chief Operating Officer, Jamelle Royster Conley continues this tradition into its third generation.  So when the need arises, no matter the day or hour, we stand ready to serve you.

 The Austin Royster Funeral Home, Inc. is a family owned business serving the Washington DC community for more than twenty years.    We   are   committed to providing the community with an unmatched level of service  and  attention  to  detail.  This mission has become the hallmark of our existence.  We  have  more than  30  years  of   experience   in   the  funeral  services   industry, and  we   are   proud   to   serve   you.

Professional Service-Compassionate Care

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