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Financial Assistance

Pre-Arrangement Services


Pre-Arrangement of your funeral provides your family with a new level of freedom, and therein a wonderful gift.  Moreover, you get the opportunity to make all of the important decisions concerning your final disposition without burdening your loved ones at a most difficult time in their lives. 


Pre-Arrangement allows you to personalize your arrangements and, with the professionals at Austin Royster, ensure that every element of your planned service will reflect the tone and balance that you want your family to experience.  We provide a wide range of casket, urn, floral and interment choices for you to review and select.  A call to our offices to schedule a no-cost Pre-Arrangement conference will result in a perfectly planned Celebration of Life experience for your family and friends. 

Our experienced funeral directors and staff will meet with you to assist with every selection pertaining to your planned service. Your prepayment funds are held in trust until they are needed by The
Industrial Bank of Washington one of Washington, D.C.’s oldest and most prestigious banking intuitions. 

Austin Royster Funeral Home
502 Kennedy St. N.W.
Washington, DC 20011
(202) 829-9767

District of Columbia Burial Assistance Program


Both the Austin and Royster families  are native Washingtonians and life-long members of our diverse and multi-ethnic community.  We are therefore very much aware of the difficulties many local families encounter when faced with the unexpected expenses associated with the sudden or unplanned death of a loved one.  In order to ensure that all members of our community have dignified and respectable options for the caring of their love ones, The Austin Royster Funeral Home and the District of Columbia Department of Human Services Burial Assistance Program have entered into an agreement that provides financial assistance to family members of our community who are in need of help with the funeral expenses of a loved one.  Please call our offices at (202) 829-9767 or follow the highlighted link above to learn more about the eligibility requirements for this program.

Crime Victims Compensation Program

The DC Superior Court's Crime Victims Compensation Program
 (CVCP) assists innocent victims of violent crime and their families with crime-related funeral and burial and costs incurred when they have experience a crime related death of a loved one.  Direct access to the contact and qualification information related to this program can be obtained by following the highlighted link above to connect to the CVCP website.

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